I started this blog over a year ago and, aside from a few posts, I  just wasn’t ready for a commitment.  I didn’t really even know what I wanted. I loved the blog but I wasn’t IN LOVE with it.

Sure,  we had some good times…. But the blog was always so vague and elusive. I never knew where I stood. The blog never gave much and I got tired of trying to figure it out.

Well,  just recently I decided to give the blog another chance. I realized that I didn’t  try hard to get to know the blog. And also, since I’m starting a business, I have to man up and “do” my own dreadful Social Media. Oh, believe me, I’ve tried pawning it off onto the people who love and want to see me succeed. No dice.

To show the blog that I’m ready to commit, I spruced it up with a PREMIUM account and changed its colors and fonts.

So the blog and I are back together and working on our communication. I vow to be more patient and the blog swears

Learning to love Blogging and make-up free selfies

that it won’t keep up the “Elusive Blog of Mystery” nonsense as nothing would make it less attractive to me.

This is my first blog. So please bear with me. I truly want it to be a reflection of myself as much if not more than just a social media tool. I’ll pay attention and join the community and take the course.

The Blog and I: Reunited and it feels so good.










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