So… who am I? I am a formulator of herbal and botanical health remedies. The term apothecary is an archaic Middle English job title for the “pharmacists” of the era. Apothecaries formulated medicaments mainly out of herbs, spices, oils and plants. For lack of a modern term, I’d say that I’m an Apothecary.

I was about 35 years old when the reality of my skin care regime finally dawned on me. If any bit if it, expensive products from Philosophy and  Prescriptives and StriVectin, antibiotics and Retin A -RXed by the Dermatologist… If any of it was working, then who was the tired looking acne faced beige Bearded Dragon staring back at me?

So I began researching ingredients and listing the benefits of natural ingredients and mixing and emulsifying and experimenting and joining forums and taking online courses and before I thought possible, My skin was not only cured but had never felt healthier.

It’s been 12 years. I’ve been making and selling my skin care, Household cleansers and health remedies to friends, family and people they refer to me. I recently opened a shop on Etsy.com and the link is on my blog. However, my blog is not a sales pitch and I really want to make it as personal and informative as I can. I feel that people can go to the shop on Etsy to learn about my products.

I am here to tell you and show you  that the BEST stuff on Earth comes from the Earth. And it’s easy to switch from commercial, chemical laden products to home made, pure, clean products that work better. I’ll show you that they are easy to make for pennies on the dollar. You will feel healthier and be healthier. I am here to share what I’ve learned.






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