Recently, I wrote about the on and off relationship I’ve had with my blog. It’s complicated.

After breaking up with it last year, I decided to give it another chance in November. When we first got back together, I gussied it up with a new theme. The original theme that I picked was one that I rushed into for the shallowest of reasons. Looks. Hey, it was pretty. At the time I didn’t even know what I wanted from my blog. Looking back, I realize now that the theme itself is what drove the wedge between my blog and me. My good looking theme was for Journaling and didn’t have the structure that my blog needed.

So in November, I was ready to commit. Settle down, even, with my blog. I perused the themes. I knew that I wanted to post a lot of pictures and link to other social media. And again, as I look back now, I realize that I still didn’t consider my blog in the decision. The fact was, I still didn’t know what I needed from my blog. How cove it expectations when I didn’t even know what I expected? I did love the theme I gave it. Even customized it!

I thought about today’s assignment and presumed I’d be posting that I loved my theme. And it finally made sense. The theme has to work for the blog. And I finally understood. And I figured out what my blog is about and what type of theme it would work in.

And I found the PERFECT theme for my blog. I absolutely love it. Please, drop by. Let me know what you think!

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