This ultra-hydrxating stick is so easy to make and is very affective. Shea butter is rich in Oleic and Stearic fatty acids (vegetable-based fats). These acids are very similar in texture to animal fats which makes Shea Butter easily absorbed into the deep layers of the skin, where they boost collagen growth. They also carry the other ingredients into the skin where they provide the most benefit. Shea Butter forms a barrier between skin and the environment which locks in moisture and protects the skin.

The purer the olive oil (Virgin, Extra virgin…) the more benefits derived from it. Olive oil contains Phenols which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Interestingly, it’s strong aroma make it anti-microbial, which means that it stops infections from growing. Rich in Anti-Oxidants, Olive Oil eradicates free radicals which cause premature aging. Skin is rejuvenated further because 72% of Olive Oil is Vitamin K!!

Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin that is absolutely critical for blood coagulation. It also interacts with the body to reduce the risks of Heart Disease and Cancer.

Sandalwood Essential Oil is an Anti-Oxidant– kills free radicals—Anti aging. (Have you noticed that all of these ingredients have this in common?) Anti-Oxidants are Natures response to environmental toxins and illnesses they cause. Sandalwood also helps restore moisture to skin. Check out my post on Sandalwood Essential Oil for more information. It’s a heavy hitter for skin health.

About the one physical benefit Vanilla Essential Oil has is that it’s… Yep, an Anti-oxidant. Specifically it stimulates repair of damage already done by oxidizers. Also, it’s anti-carcinogenic. I believe that Vanilla!s greatest benefits are experienced in Aromatherapy. It’s used as an aphrodisiac, anti-depressant and a relaxant. Sandalwood and Vanilla Essential Oils create a lovely aroma.


1/4 cup Shea Butter

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/4 cup Beeswax Pellets

20 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

20 drops Vanilla Essential Oil

1Tsp Pure Vitamin E Oil aka Toceherol (Optional)

3 Twist Up Tubes

(I buy my containers and Raw Ingredients HERE


Place a Pyrex-style 2 cup measuring cup in a pot filled half-way with water to create a “Double Boiler”.

Place on stove top on MEDIUM until Shea Butter and Beeswax melt. You never want to overheat your ingredients because they lose their potency.

Remove from heat and wait as long as possible for the oils to cool down but not thicken. Leave the heat on the pot.

Add Essential Oils and Vitamin E to 3 twist up tubes leaving a little room at the top.

By now, you will probably have residue hardened and stuck to the inside of the Pyrex cup. I reheat the glass measuring cup to melt it and pour the remainder in each container.

*NOTE: Essential oils lose their potency if heated over 110 degrees. I’m not worried about reheating the cup to obtain the melted oils- it’s a very small amount compared to the total 6 ounces yield.

Place the containers in the refrigerator, caps off, to let them harden. Once they harden, put the lids on. Use them on feet, winter skin, elbows, knees… Where ever your skin needs intense hydrating. The finished product is a solid integrated stick.

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