I know it’s hard to imagine things getting more exciting here but… Hold onto your seats, people!

I realize I’m slacking on posting descriptions and benefits of natural skin care and I hope this gets me into gear.

Introducing “The Essential Oil of the Month” feature.

I exclusively buy all of my oils from. HEALING SOLUTIONSThey are a company out to f Arizona which sells exclusive high quality oils at very reasonable prices. They guarantee complete customer satisfaction or offer a full refund every product.

The bigger companies selling oils usually employ a multi-level marketing structure and charge a fortune so that all parties going up the pyramid get paid.
Healing Solutions markets directly to us and this allows them to sell high quality oils for prices we can afford. They’ve become so successful at it that their selection of oils continues to grow and the lifetime guarantee on product continues to be offered.

GCMS testing results are posted on their website. It’s a big deal. World-wide there are only a few labs with independent Essential Oil chemistry experts. HEALING SOLUTIONS has coordinated with the TOP THREE and have had most of their popular oils verified as unadulterated and pure.

Further, Healing Solutions explains in detail how the testing is done and what equipment is used. And the explanations of the thoroughness and complexity of these tests is in layman’ terms.

To be clear, I’m a customer. I’ve never been offered a thing from them to write a positive review. It’s as simple as it could be. I just love Healing solutions!

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