2Some Essential Oils are are just perfect for the skin and Sandalwood is one of them. It’s frequently used in commercial skin care products for its aroma as well as for its beneficial properties.

Sandalwood Essential Oil has potent anti-aging benefits. It helps fto restore the skin’s natural oils and is a great moisturizer. Some stand out benefits are astringent, anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant. So it tightens skin and reduces puffiness while working on the cellular level to kill free radicals. Free radicals are environmental toxins that cause pre mature Aging.

Helping to smooth the complexion while bringing skin back into balance exemplifies Sandalwood’s ability to work both topically as well as deep in the skin at the cellular level.

Additionally, this  hardworking oil is also a disinfectant and deodorizer, an antibacterial which helps to heal wounds and fade scars. It’s got a wonderful aroma that may be enhanced by a number of other oils.



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