imageThe insulated yellow envelope arrived this month with a regular oil I didn’t have- Ginger Essential Oil and   a Premium  oil from a plant I didn’t even knew existed, Litsea Essential Oil. The Club has three options to choose from and I’m subscribed to Option Number Two. For less than $20 USD per month, I receive two Premium essential oils. They are therapeutic grade like I’ve said before and Certified 100% pure.

So… Let’s learn about Litsea.

The Litsea plant has been a frequent flyer in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The healing properties of the plant were so important that the entire plant was used by ractitiojers: leaves, Stems, branches…. Many common complaints were treated: breathing trouble, back and muscle pain, headaches and even chills.

The Essential oil, full volatile essence of the plant was extracted from its fruit. The fragrance of Litsea Essential  is powerful and stimulating. An uplifting spicy aroma with bold citrus notes, the aroma is uplifting and intense. No wonder practitioners used it to reduce tension, anxiety and fatigue.

LITSEA Essential Oil is anti septic, anti-viral, anti-fungal. A perfect application given the aroma would be a cleanser for the kitchen or bathroom. Diffusing it when someone in the house has a cold or flu would work nicely. Further, Litsea oil is non-comedogeic and has astringent properties. So we find many skin care possibilities. Diluted by additives, it would smell great in a lotion.

The final fact I was able to find was that it repels bugs. So it has a place in our chemical free bug sprays.

Litsea Essential Oil has so many potential healthy applications that it’s easy to see why it has stood the test of time and been considered a medicinal plant in the Eastern tradition for centuries!

Have any of you heard of or used Litsea oil? What types of applications and what did you mix it with?

so, YAY! Our first Oil of the Month feature. 

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